Upskilling: What It Is and Why It Matters

Making sure that your employees continue to acquire new skills and refine the ones they have is hardly a new idea, but as...

How New Construction Technology Benefits Your Pre-construction Performance

New construction technology is all around us, from the use of smartphone apps to mapping and surveying job sites using drones....

5 Tips for Getting the Construction Jobs You Want

Tip #1: Choose Your Projects Carefully When you’re eager to build your backlog, it can be tempting to bid on every construction...

ProEst Non-Profit Program: Giving Back to the Community

ProEst Non-Profit Program: Giving Back to the Community The goal of the ProEst Non-Profit Program is to help certified non-profit...

ProEst Wins Recognition as One of America’s Fasted-Growing Companies

ProEst has been included on the prestigious INC 5000 list for 2020, a compilation of the most successful privately-held...

[VIDEO] ProEst Named to INC 5000 2020 Fastest Growing Company List






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