ProEst Non-Profit Program: Giving Back to the Community

ProEst Non-Profit Program: Giving Back to the Community

September 10, 2020


ProEst Non-Profit Program: Giving Back to the Community
The goal of the ProEst Non-Profit Program is to help certified non-profit builders and other charitable organizations utilize ProEst on construction projects in communities where they are needed most. With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, ProEst is an ideal addition to organi- zations that depend on limited staff and a volunteer community without extensive technical or construction experience. By automating routine estimating tasks and eliminating the need for manual calculations, ProEst can significantly improve efficiency, resource allocation and materials costs.

ProEst Non-Profit Program offers qualified organizations:
Free, unlimited access to ProEst cloud software and services
Free classroom instruction for non-profit staff and volunteers
Self-guided, online and live in-office training options
Ongoing technical support for qualified non-profit personnel
In return, our accredited Non-Profit partners will allow ProEst to use their brand and other related information for promotional purposes and will promote ProEst on their website and selected social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms.

Through ProEst Non-Profit, we offer non-profit builders and other charitable organizations free access to ProEst software, training and technical assistance, and actively support worthy causes anywhere we can make a difference.

Accountability, integrity, honesty, and openness are values fundamental to charitable organizations—and ones that we share. Through the contributions of ProEst, we hope to serve the needs of non-profit donors, founders, volunteers, program recipients — and inspire community action in other businesses and individuals.

With ProEst, non-profit organizations are empowered to do even more for the people and communities they serve. If you know of a qualified non-profit organization that could benefit from ProEst construction estimating technology, please visit